How Do Small Independent Businesses Become Bulletproof?

How Do Small Independent Businesses Become Bulletproof?

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Small businesses exist the world over, across all kinds of industries Some perform better than others, tending to have a strong presence in their local community, plus some specialist stores thrive more than other businesses in the county. They make it look so easy and effortless, but there is a lot of trickery and logistics going on behind the scenes to ensure they have a steady stream of clientele while managing the marketing and figuring out finances. So what exactly does it take to make it big with a little company? Here we take a look at some of the things that make small businesses untouchable.

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Clever Marketing

Marketing a small business is easy. Marketing a small business with the aim of creating a large presence? Slightly more involved than you’d think. There are a few subtle ways in which you can advertise your little store while making a lasting impression on the community, or even the country. One way to get the word out is to have small stalls set up at industry related festivals and events to showcase what you’ve got to offer. Some have have been known to spice things up with token mascots or other forms of quirky costuming. Sponsoring events such as pub quizzes or local carnivals can also get you on the map.

Exclusive Offers

Because small businesses are more bespoke than others, the offers they give to their customers can also be more bespoke. You could go with the typical sales route of BOGOF’s and freebies when you spend X amount of cash, but this doesn’t really add much to your reputation as a quality business. Some of the more unique offers little companies have offered in the past include things like free samples, money off for recommending a friend and treats for the first fifty people who buy a certain product or service. Being such a tiny operation they have the flexibility to create offers that bigger businesses simply can’t match.

corner shopCustomer Loyalty

Companies that work on a small scale can have clients from all over the country, but their biggest and most reliable base will always be those who live in close proximity to the premises. Loyal customers are simply the best customers to have for a variety of reasons. Not only will they help line your wallet but they will always champion your cause, whether you have a special offer on or you simply ask for more support. If you have a big enough fan base you can even offer them exclusive access to new products and even conduct detailed surveys.

Unique Products

All big businesses are really after are sales, and many do this on a vast scale selling hundreds, even thousands of a single product in a week. Small businesses however don’t focus so much on sales, and instead focus more on the quality of the products they provide. Some sell their own unique lines while others sell brands that are locally sourced. This will always appeal to those who promote their hometown proudly, but this also appeals to those with more individual tastes and those wishing to avoid commercialism. Nothing beats products by the people, for the people.

For more hints and tips on how to boost your small company’s presence, or to see how other little businesses have promoted themselves why not look around online to see what you can learn.

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