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Child Benefit – Think Before You Disclaim

The Child Benefit tax has received a lot of press. But there’s one aspect that’s received little attention, namely the interplay with NI credits and the effect disclaiming Child Benefit can have on your state pension entitlement. What’s the full

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Putting Family On The Payroll?

CORPORATION TAX One of our client wanted to put his teenage son on the company payroll to help him with his finances, but was worried what HMRC would say about this. Can his company claim a tax deduction for his

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Setting Your Salary For The New Tax Year

In December the Chancellor confirmed changes to the personal tax and NI limits for 2013/14. In view of this at what level should you set your salary (and dividends) for maximum tax efficiency?

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Our new website is Live

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Mortgage Lending Down

The amount of money being lent to UK homebuyers fell last month, according to figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

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Unemployment Falling

UK unemployment fell in the three months to December, while the number of people in work jumped to a new record.

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