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Making Tax Digital Is On Hold: What You Need to Know

In a notice issued on 30th April, it was announced that the government was implementing a new initiative; Making Tax Digital (MTD). However, it was later reported that the legislation had been put on hold.

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Everything You Need To Know About The New £20 Note

Money notes cash New £20 note coming soon

Hot on the heels of the new style £5 and £10 notes, the Bank of England have announced their plans to introduce new polymer £20 notes. They have been unveiled to feature a very prominent British artist, who was chosen

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How To Prepare Your Business for Brexit

Brexit is looming large, and business owners who haven’t already embraced the challenge of Britain’s departure from the EU should really begin to re-evaluate their approach when possible.  

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What You Need To Know About Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender male female toilet sign

With gender equality a hot topic right now, employers in the UK should be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to any disparity in pay between male and female members of staff.

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Ipswich – The Best Place to Start a Business?

ipswich train station

It may be a surprising choice, but Ipswich has recently been named the best place to start a new business in the UK. The results come from a survey conducted in September 2017 by business-support group Informi, taking the latest

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The New £10 Note is Coming – Here’s What You Need to Know

sample Polymer ten pound British banknote, top

The new £10 note is set to be unveiled on 18 July, showcasing a modernised polymer design imprinted with the novelist Jane Austen. Its release into circulation is still some time away and the Bank of England have earmarked September

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Potential Pitfalls When Accountants Go Paperless


The move to a paperless system is one liable to mistakes, especially for a busy accountancy firm with mounds of files on record. However, in an increasingly online dominated arena, the paperless move is one necessary to keep up with

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Forecasting Profit & Loss When Writing Your First Business Plan

Working On Business Plan

Calculating profit and loss is the ultimate objective when writing a business plan. Doing so accurately is a vital component for managing cash flow and evaluating future company performance. For start-ups in particular, drawing out your first business plan may

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How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Contactless Payments

credit cards

Successful companies are able to adapt their business model to the ever-changing environment around them. As technology improves, this means the behaviour and spending patterns of your target audience will also shift. You must recognise these changes and acclimatise to

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The Only Reasonable Excuses for Filing your Tax Return Late

scrabble letters tax return

Although filing a tax return late will incur penalties, you are allowed to appeal the decision should there be a reasonable excuse. The government provides a list of these acceptable excuses on their website, ranging from situations outside of your

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