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Suing A Limited Company And Enforcing Judgment

When suing a limited company, there are a number of checks worth making to improve the chance of enforcement, should that prove necessary.

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Tax Efficient Company Financing

If you want to raise cash for your company, the Enterprise Investment Scheme offers tax incentives to draw in outside investors. But these tax breaks can be lost if you don’t use the money within a certain time. What do

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When Must You Charge VAT On Shared Business Costs?

If you purchase goods or services that are used by more than one of your business ventures, which of these is entitled to reclaim the VAT? And can one business pass the costs to another without triggering a VAT charge?

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Prepare Now To Avoid RTI Penalties

Late filing penalties for RTI are not on the agenda for now, but this year’s Finance Act 2013 will change that. When will penalties take effect and what steps can you implement to avoid them?

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Protecting Your Income The Tax-Free Way

Protecting your income with insurance can be expensive. You could get your company to pay, but this triggers a tax bill either on the cost of the premium or instead when the policy pays out. Can you legitimately avoid both

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New Childcare Tax Credit Scheme

The government says it wants to expand a new childcare tax credit scheme to include parents who stay at home because they are full-time carers.

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